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Washington, D.C. public records are available through a variety of different agencies and courthouses.  There are a variety of different records available including land records, background checks, criminal records, vital records and more.  The majority of DC public records are filed with a city or court clerk.  These record events and keep open the records on file.  These records are often useful for background checks and people searches.  There are other various public records include civil court cases, lawsuit records, real estate records, criminal records and vital records.
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  District of Columbia Public Records Resources

Washington D.C. - Capital of the United States of America

Population: 843,524 (U.S. Census) 2005

Adjacent States: Virginia and Maryland


Washington D.C. is the permanent seat of government.  George Washington assisted in the selecting of the site, situated on the Potomac River.  The site was carved from the states of Maryland and Virginia.

U.S. Census Bureau - View quick facts and statistics on District of Columbia.

Washington DC Department of Health - Obtain information for birth or death certificates as well as vital records division and the State Center for Health Statistics.

The Historical Society of Washington, D.C. - View exhibits and publications for Washington, D.C.

District of Columbia Department of Corrections - View photos and names of each wanted criminal and inmate.

White House Historical Association - An online tour of the White House.

DC Office of the Attorney General - Information services including child support enforcement, consumer complaint form, consumer protection and antitrust information.

DC Department of Corrections - Includes DOC's most wanted and victim information services.

DC District Department of Transportation - Includes information on public space management, public space permits, request city services and web enable permitting.

DC Social Services Center - Includes Alzheimer's, sexual orientation, public benefits and benefits information.

District of Columbia Courts - Information on representing yourself in the courts, court of appeals, superior court system, D.C. court system.

Washington DC Education Center - Includes a listing of all schools in the district.

DC Court Services & Offender Supervision Agency - Includes information offender reentry, employment, policies, pretrial services and employment.

Washington Dept. of Human Resources - Includes employment opportunities in the district complete with application forms, online job applications and internships.

DC Department of Health - Includes information on services including vital records, addiction and recovering, health regulation and licensing and health care services for the uninsured.

DC Motor Vehicles - Includes vehicle registration renewal information including tag number, vehicle identification number, registration renewal term, and email address.

Washington DC Dept. of Human Services - Includes information and services available through the Dept. of Human Services.

DC Motor Vehicles - Includes driver's license renewal information.  Includes information on driver's licenses, driver records, parking permits, ticket payments, vehicle tags, registration and titles.

U.S. Parole Commission - Includes information on the United States Parole Commission.  Includes docketing schedule, forms, rules and procedures manual.

DC Office of the Property Management - Includes information on capital construction, real estate portfolio management, parking services, postal services, and recycling in DC.

Washington DC Office of Tax and Revenue - Includes information on the business and individual tax service center, real property service center, recorder of deeds, tax forms and publications.

DC Board of Real Property Assessments and Appeals - Contact information for the board of real property assessments and appeals.

DC Motor Vehicles - Includes information on duplicate driver's license information.  Fill in form to obtain a new driver's license online.

DC Small and Local Business Development - Includes information on the business center including the agency calendar, business resource center, agency law updates and reports and publications.

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