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Public records are records that have been filed by public agencies.  These records are often created by the government and may be federal, state, county or local in nature.  There are numerous types of public records available including vital records, real estate records, land records, driving records, criminal records, court case records, property assessment records, and even voter registrations.  The most essential records are often stored and maintained in government offices and are accessible by the public.  Many states are providing online searches to make viewing public records easier.  You may often order copies of the records for a small administrative fee or free of charge.  The availability of public records is regulated by the state legislature. 

Many public records are held in physical files by state agencies.  These records may be available to the public, but that does not necessarily mean that they are readily available.  You will often have to go through certain procedures to access these records.  Some states also have separate laws regarding the maintenance and availability of public records.

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  Search Nationwide Public Records Resources
  Alabama Treasury - Search for unclaimed property and for people who appear to be owners of abandoned property. Click here for more Alabama Public Records.

Alaska Recorder's Office - Search UCC records by name, date, document number and document type.  Find more Alaska Public Records here.

Arizona Corporation Commission - Search for Business Entities in the state of Arizona.  Search for more Arizona Public Records here.

Arkansas Department of Correction - Search for inmates housed by the Arkansas Dept. of Correction.  Look for more Arkansas Public Records here.

California Board of Equalization - Offers verification of licenses including sales and use tax permit, cigarette and tobacco license verification and Ewaste Recycling Fee Account verification.  Locate more California Public Records here.

Colorado Secretary of State Business Center - File a trademark online through the Secretary of State.  Find more information on Colorado Public Records here.

Connecticut Judicial Branch - Civil and Family Court Case Look-Up including all data entries that were closed the previous day.  Find information on more Connecticut Public Records here.

Delaware Department of State - Search the Division of Corporations General Information Name Search.  Locate more Delaware Public Records here.

District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue - Search the Real Property Database Search.  Locate more DC Public Records here.

Florida Department of Financial Services - Property search for unclaimed property in the state of Florida.  Find additional Florida Public Records.

Georgia Secretary of State - Search the trademark and service mark database for the state of Georgia.  Additional Georgia Public Records are located here.

Hawaii Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs - Search for a business name to obtain business information and purchase a certificate of good standing.  Locate additional Hawaii Public Records.

Idaho Missing Person Clearinghouse - Search missing persons as well as disability records, catastrophe records, endangered records, involuntary records, juvenile records and other records.  Find more Idaho Public Records through these various resources.

Illinois General Assembly - Search for districts or officials in your area or county.  Search for additional Illinois Public Records in Illinois.

Indiana Secretary of State - Search for businesses by name or client ID through the accessIndiana.  Access information on additional Indiana Public Records here.

Iowa Secretary of State - Search for Iowa Corporations, UCC information and Federal Tax Liens.  Locate additional Iowa Public Records in the state here.

Kansas Department of Corrections - Kansas Adult Supervised Population Electronic Repository Offender Population Search provided by the Kansas Criminal Justice Information System.  Additional Kansas Public Records are available here.

Kentucky Court of Justice - Use the Docket Information Search to find court dockets by county, division and date.  Here you can find several more Kentucky Public Records resources.

Louisiana Dept. of Public Safety and Corrections - Parole board docket search and schedules for upcoming Parole Board Hearings.  If you would like to locate additional Louisiana Public Records, you can look here.

Maine Department of the Secretary of State - Search UCC records by debtor name index search by an individual name or organization name.  Search for additional Maine Public Records with this information.

Maryland Dept. of Public Safety and Correctional Services - Inmate locator by first or last name.  Inmate locator allows you to locate the prison that the individual is housed in.  Find several more Maryland Public Records in the state here.

Massachusetts Department of State Treasurer - Abandoned property division and search name, business or city.  Locate more Massachusetts Public Records in the state.

Michigan Department of State - Search for UCC records by debtor name, whether an organization or an individual.  Locate additional Michigan Public Records are available here.

Minnesota Dept. of Public Safety - Minnesota public criminal history search including information on criminal convictions 15 years after the completion of the sentence.  Click here to locate more information on Minnesota Public Records in the state.

Mississippi Supreme Court Dockets - Case docket search and instructions for a general court docket search.  Find additional information on Mississippi Public Records here.

Missouri Secretary of State - Search UCC filings by organization or individual through a specific date.  Locate several more Missouri Public Records resources here.

Montana Sex or Violent Offender Registry - Search for offenders by county, city, zip code, last name and offender type.  Find additional Montana Public Records in the state.

Nebraska State Treasurer - Search for unclaimed property by last name or business name.  Find more information on Nebraska Public Records here.

Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles - Search for Nevada Official Driving Records Online.  Locate more information on Nevada Public Records.

New Hampshire Corporation Division - Search for business entities by business name and business ID or registered agent.  Search for New Hampshire Public Records in the state here.

New Jersey State Business Gateway - Corporate and business information reporting with searches for corporations, business entities, UCC records, trade names and trade and service marks.  Click here for more New Jersey Public Records in the state.

New Mexico DWI Offender History - Search for DWI offenders by full name or social security number.  Here you can find more New Mexico Public Records.

New York Dept. of State Tax Warrant Notice System - Search by taxpayer name, taxpayer city, county or by a combination to locate tax warrants for individuals who have not paid their taxes.  Look for additional New York Public Records in the state here.

North Carolina Department of the State Treasurer - Search the unclaimed property program for property that has been abandoned.  Search for several North Carolina Public Records in the state.

North Dakota Secretary of State - Direct access central indexing filings and searches provided by the North Dakota business services. Locate more North Dakota Public Records here. 

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles - Search your personal driving record, view reinstatement requirements, renew license plates online, change address, or inquire on a title.  Locate several more Ohio Public Records Resources here.

Oklahoma Department of Corrections - Search for offenders housed or on probation with the Department of Corrections.  Look for more Oklahoma Public Records available in the state here.

Oregon Worker's Compensation - Search for Worker's Compensation Claims by file number or insurer claim number.  Find Oregon Public Records here.

Pennsylvania Uniform Commercial Code Search - Search filings through a standard RA9, non-standard RA9 or file number search. Here you can find more information on Pennsylvania Public Records.

Rhode Island Voter Information - Check your voter registration, current elected officials, sample ballots for upcoming elections and a local board of canvassers.  Rhode Island Public Records can be located here.

South Carolina Secretary of State - UCC Filing Statute search by name, number, debtor or secured.  Search for more information on South Carolina Public Records in the state.

South Dakota Sex Offender Registry - Search for South Dakota sex offenders by a text search or map search.  Locate several more South Dakota Public Records here.

Tennessee Department of State - Search the Division of Business Services for trademark names.  Click here to locate more Tennessee Public Records information.

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals - Search the opinions online of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. Locate more Texas Public Records here.

Utah State Divisions of Archives and History - Research center and index search for archived records.  Here you can find more Utah Public Records.

Vermont Secretary of State - Search the trade name finder by trade name.  Several additional Vermont Public Records are available here.

Virginia Office of the Clerk - Search the Virginia State Corporation Commission for corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, uniform commercial code financing statements, or tax liens.  More Virginia Public Records are available here.

Washington Voter Registration Lookup - Voter registration lookup provided by the Washington Secretary of State.  Search by first name, last name, birth date and zip code. Look for more Washington Public Records here.

West Virginia Secretary of State - Search the UCC information system by UCC number or debtor's name.  Additional West Virginia Public Records may be located here.

Wisconsin Secretary of State - Search for trade names and trademarks by trademark description, last name or corporation name.  Search for additional Wisconsin Public Records in the state.

Wyoming Archives - Search the digital collections of the Wyoming State Archives. Search for additional archives and Wyoming Public Records here.

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